Main Event Consignments March 22. Des Moines IA

Show stock Planet

CB 11 Sugar Pickle x Donkey Punch. D.O.B. January. The best male we had this year to get the bander. If it wasn't Clancy's first year in 4-H he wouldn't leave the barn. We have a reputation of bringing great sheep to sales and feel he represents us well.

CB 20. Sugar Pickle x Donkey Punch. D.O.B. January. When Zane came by for a visit last year he talked Clancy into partnering on a flush or two. Short story long a swap was made that I believe involved LEGO's and 16 lambs later we get this set. The Donkey ewes first lamb was hauled out by the Berry family and she is a 3 year old now. Big flush numbers mean we can share the goods. We kept 2 in the barn for the boy and she would have been number 3.

Demag 9110 Drop the Mic x Beastmode. D.O.B. January. This one hurts to sell but the cause is great. The only female I kept this year that wasn't for sale. We talked as a family and felt with this week being National Down Syndrome awareness week and us losing both a show person last year and our own daughter with Downs we would donate a portion of her sale to Special Olympics. He mom was a big reason Rule Sheep Company bought our entire ewe base this year as we made the decision to sellout. Her mom is the best Beastmode ewe walking today. Grandmother is Hiesmans mom known as Janet. 

We will sell every male we have and only keep 1 female for Clancy to show if we deem it a keeper and it must replace its mother. Most of the ewes we have at this point could make other farms donor pen but we don't have the ambition to get big. 


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