2019 Sires
Drop the Mic

Anarchy x Burn -A.I. Sire

Owned by Rule Sheep Company
 A.I. Sire

Sugar Pickle

OCD x (Doc/Solution) -E.T. Sire

Owned by Gray Club Lambs
Bred by Jeff Repasky


Gifted by Jim Bob and Jason.
Twin to the Dam of Williams Buck
 "Pure White"

Owned by Clancy Debrick
Past Sires
Shake N Bake

Beastmode x Tundra

Owned by Rule Sheep Company

Clark Kent

Bruce Wayne x Demag 1111


Bred by Demag and AWTR

Blue Whale

Bird x Pony

Raised by Hindman
Owned by Berry

Donkey Punch 

Burn x Unleaded

Owned by Rule Sheep Co. and AWTR


Strange x Demag 1111


Bred by DEMAG and AWTR

 Magic Stick

Donkey Punch x Maker (Crown Jewel)

Owned by AWTR

Bruce Wayne

Donkey Punch x Double Down

Owned by AWTR and Estes Club Lambs


Enron x Wang

Owned by Rule Sheep CO.

Long Haul

Double Down X Sheriff Bart

Bred by DEMAG

Small Town

Double Down x 0424 (Outbreak)

Owned by AWTR


Unleaded x Unleaded

Owned by AWTR and Rule Sheep Co.

Double Down

Unleaded x Unleaded

Bred by DEMAG and Rule Sheep Co.